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Grim Reaper

Run Red Run Grim Reaper

Slow and silent, the Grim Reaper wanders the globe fixed in the finality of its solemn and gloomy task. 

         Materializing before your eyes at a haunting 5" tall (with a scythe almost 8" tall) this dark, needle felted specter
carries its instrument of doom in its boney hand, forever traveling the woolen world collecting its dues.
Vince Dorse, who designed this creepy reaper for me, also helped craft the scythe for me out of, he
says, "some card stock and a twig from a cemetery, gathered at night under the light of a full moon." 

This is a sculpted art doll for terror and display, but like all grave phantoms it's not meant for play. 

Run Red Run Grim Reaper

Run Red Run Grim Reaper

Price: $90.00 (includes priority shipping to US lower 48 states)
Additional charge for optional insurance.  All sales final.

If you want to give the reaper a home on your desk, bookshelf or mantle, or if you have any questions, please email me at
I accept payment through Paypal.

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